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Volume 5

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  • Our Cover is Legend Meagan Eathell! We are excited to get to know Amber better with @waterbaby who makes amazing jewelry for water sports. We have an interview with Mellow for you.  Mellow is taking care of riding with steeze like no one else. Luca & Sina got creative for you and built out of Wakeboards your new home interior. Cat Lea KOSKOVA who is known in the Europe Wakeskate Scene showed us the insane progress in her riding the last years. 

    Nadine lets you know something about the plant Kanna, definitely if you have a lot of anxiety or stress you should read that article. 

    We have Zoey CARROLL - a young ripper behind boat and cable! And for sure the 2023 boards - all the pro models from our favorite riders. If you are not riding one of these boards, you blowing it. 

    Peep Talk with ANNE NIKSTAD, ANNA FREYER & SINA JACOBSEN. Talking about Instagram, clean riding and what’s going on in the scene. What’s up and coming and what hopefully changes.  We have ANDREA GAYTAN the first in women Wakeboarding in a lot of ways! Nadine always there for us and helps us with our daily negative thoughts - ACCEPT YOUR HUMAN YOU. 

    If you don’t have ANNE BEARDEN under your umbrella yet you’re missing out on something- she gonna put us all in her pocket soon.

    Katinka & Joelina provide you a winch guide and give you there tips and tricks how to do it. 

    Since a long time FRANZISKA HERBERG from Germany is a behind the scene angel for women in wakeboarding. Read her favorite yoga exercises for your knees and get to know her better. 

    Laya made a CROSSWORD for you and she wants to know - do you really know wake? 

    One picture and the story behind, Sina talks about ups and downs and balancing between being a professional athlete and a full blown woman. 




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