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We are the Club House for Women in Wake. Copycatsclub.

Women-owned business


We take care of the women in wake and believe that each daily action can make an impact.

To band together through our struggles and problems and to be there for each other as we push ourselves. We want to help women in wake to find and cultivate their true inner passions, to grow into the strongest versions of ourselves while letting the next generation know that you are welcome here at CCC and always have a home in wake. 


The Copycatsclub Way


you can leave your ego at home. CCC means riding together, having fun and pushing each other. The beauty of Wake behind the boat or on the cable is that you can make small steps and boost your mental health every day. Being outside with your friends and forgetting the daily problems when you take the handle. You can't be too young or too old. There are Wakeboarding Cables and Boat Schools Worldwide to help you for your first time. Come join the Club! 

...more coming soon!

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