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Rivers Hedrick

Hey Rivers!

Stoked to have you here for an interview! Your riding is blowing my mind and for sure a lot of other people's also! When did you start riding and how did you improve so fast? 

Hey! First of all, thanks for taking the time to interview me and i’m stoked to be in the mag! 

I have been riding for about 6 or 7 years now. My parents first took me to terminus in 2014 for the monster energy triple crown. That’s where I got to see all the pros ride and I thought it was the coolest thing ever haha. As far as improvement goes, I think just riding with people who are better than me definitely push my riding and make me want to keep learning new tricks. 

Where are you from and how close do you live to a cable? 

I am from Marietta, Georgia and I live about 25 minutes (on a good day) from Terminus.

I really love what tricks you're putting down and what you're working on, which riders give you the most inspiration? 

Thank you! I definitely think all of the other riders out at my home park who are killing it have given me something to look up to. They have without a doubt inspired me and pushed my riding so a big thanks to them haha. Also all of the other awesome ladies ripping out there just makes me want to push my self and have fun while doing it!

Okey school, wakeboarding, and I know you are into photography and soccer, did I forget something? What does a normal week look like in your life? 

Yes so I play soccer for my school in the winter/spring to stay in shape for wakeboarding in the summer. I also love photography! A normal week for me is waking up around 6:45, going to school from 7:30 - 2:30 and then I come home, grab a snack, then head up to the cable park around 3. I’ll ride for about 2-3 hours. Then I come home, eat dinner, do some homework and then repeat it the next day! 

Let’s get deeper in photography, what is your favorite lense and camera and why do you think you are so attracted to it? 

So I currently have the nikon z6 mirrorless camera with my dads old nikon 70-200 f/2.8 and a 24-70 f/2.8. Then I just bought my first prime lens: 85mm 1.8! I love this set up because one, my dad kinda came in clutch with the lenses haha, and two, since we already had nice glass, we were able to buy a nice camera body! I’m such a nerd about this stuff haha but I love it! 

Is filming also something you could imagine doing or just photography? 

I definitely enjoy filming as well! I like to film/take photos of the other local riders at terminus if i’m taking a break or too tired to ride. But yea I could definitely see my self in the (wakeboard) filming industry. 

Already have plans after school? 

I don’t really have plans after school haha. I honestly just want to be a pro wakeboarder and grow the sport (especially the women’s side of riding). 

I just see you slamming bangers, do you have days you don’t get your tricks and how are you handling it? More like whatever or sometimes getting “sad mad”? 

Yea for sure! I get those days a lot and I think it’s just a part of the sport. I used to get really frustrated but I’ve learned to know and trust that it’s part of the learning process and that some days you might not land that 540 you’ve tried over and over again but if you give it some time you will eventually land it. 

What’s your biggest dream right now? 

My biggest dream right now is to travel the world as a pro wakeboarder.


Rivers thank you so much for your time, we are stoked to have you and can show other young shredders that they can also kill it like you! Any words to the cats out there?

Thank you so much Sina! I’m stoked to be featured in the mag this year! Just want to let everyone know to keep killing it and huge thanks to the other ladies ripping out there for inspiring me!

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