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One photo - One Rail - One Day. Joelina Gerards - Chris Lehnert

Joelina Gerards and Chris Lehnert went out to get a shot on a handrail that Joelina had a longtime in her head. Get some tips and tricks from Chris Lehnert, an amazing photographer from Germany here and go watch the YouTube Video to see what’s going on in the streets.

Hey Joelina! How did you guys get the idea to go to the spot?

Joelina: I was looking for winch spots close to my home back in 2021 when you asked me to go winching together to shoot for the first copycatsclub magazine. I found a tunnel where I did a layback and the shot made it in the first mag and is still one of my favorite pictures. Next to this spot was this rail. I always wanted to come back with a kicker and last winter my friends and I built one. And when Chris Lehnert texted me if I’m down to go winching it was finally time to try the spot (and the kicker)!

What was the hardest part at this spot?

Joelina: To get a full pull. Setting up the kicker and winch was actually easy and also because of the current I didn’t even have to swim back because the water carried me. So the conditions were really good but the spot itself was scary with the close out. I didn’t want to overshoot and it took me a while to commit for a full pull.

What did you learn from this spot?

Joelina: Don’t push it too far. I already had a full pull and some nice pics but I wasn’t satisfied with it and went again and again and then I hit the wall.

Would you go again? Joelina: Anytime, yes. Luckily nothing serious happened and I still think the spot is cool but next time I would shoot video.

What are your plans for the winter?

Joelina: I have a lot going on right now and can’t say.

But I definitely want to spend some time at lunar cablepark as my job allows me to work from there and some of my friends will be there this winter.

Apart from that I want to spend a lot of time with my friends and family and stay fit with different sports like bouldering, cycling, fitness, maybe snowboarding? or more wakeboarding? Let’s see

Last words?

Joelina: As I mentioned winching isn’t possible without a team so huge thank you to Benny and Lars for building the kicker, Jonas for helping out and operating and of course Chris for taking pictures!

What do you love about shooting wakeboarding?

Chris: The main reason is wakeboarding gets me stoked

I think to shoot wakeboarding is mainly the challenge to capture the best version of the athlete in a fraction of a second.

Nuances decide whether the trick was ok or a trick was really awesome.

But i love it when you get the shot and the rider is super thrilled about it.

Theres no better feeling to make someone happy with your photos.

How did you got into photography?

Chris: I've been wakeboarding for quite a while and have also taken part in a few contests in the past.

Over time, the responsibilities of growing

up came along, so I had less and less time to really put my foot down.

But I always wanted to be part of the community and then I started grabbing a camera and taking photos of my friends. In 2014 I was essentially Flo Suess's assistant, who taught me a lot back then. And so one thing led to another. the first photo job, meeting new people,

getting to know the people behind the sponsors, getting new jobs and so on.

And here I am, still really enjoying it.

Biggest difference between cable and going in the streets? Chris: The biggest difference is the effort that has to be put in to get a decent photo.

It's relatively easy with cable wakeboarding. You basically have the same set no matter where you go.

You have the cable, you have the features, you have a boat and over time you know which perspectives work best.

It's so easy that you can get quite a lot of photos in a very short time

When you're in the streets you first have to find a good spot that's challenging but not too hard for the rider.

Then you should always be with at least 3 people, preferably 4 people, so that you

can prepare everything more quickly. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Maybe align a kicker, place and operate the winch, someone who takes videos or photos, someone who talks to passers-by.

It's best to have a crew who aren't doing it for the first time so that everything goes hand in hand.

If you go winching you should be prepared to give the maximum input and be happy with the minimum output.

Maybe you only get 1 or 2 hits before you get caught, or you get lucky and get to use the ultimate playground undisturbed.

Best advice for upcoming action / water photographers?

Chris: Show your work. Everyone started small.

Go out and talk to the people and riders, network with the community, show interest and be prepared to make advance efforts to achieve something.

The best things don't come easy. Other than that it’s practice, practice, practice and always be curious.

How and where can I book you?

Chris: Slide in my Insta DMs or send me a mail. Its that easy ;-)

I'm always down for new challenges or cool projects.

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